Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Naughty girl....well kinda

Wow I've been a naughty girl and completely neglecting my blog postings LOL.  Facebook just makes it way to easy ....ahhh technology okay well let me see whats been happening since last I posted.

Well I qualify for my Nail Technician license WITHOUT having to go re-do any exams etc.  Just waiting for them to get my payment then tada I'm licensed WOOHOO.  That however doesn't mean I'm a licencsed business just means I can go work for someone....next on the list is to get a mobile license....one step at a time.

Let me see if I can find some pictures of recent nails I've done for practice.....

These are Debs nails she had done (first time I might add) for her Gala she was going to for the weekend.  I used a white french tip (never used them before but love them hee hee I call them cheater tips) However we found out the hard way that gel shrinks in -40 weather when they're not kept protected, both hers and mine lifted the week of that freezing temps :( But they looked great for her event. 

This is an acrylic fill I did on my MIL, using INM pink glitter acrylic

This is Gelish I did on my co-worker Cindy from the vet clinic, she had these little gems for Christmas

My new shelves my FIL installed, yay dad. 

This is the thumb of my husbands Coworker and my new friend Paula.  She let me play around with a little basic nail art so I created a shooting star on her thumb (little purple star gem hidden by the flash)

Paulas New Years Eve gelish nails with glitter fade

Oops this should be up higher, this is Paulas Valentines nails (See above for thumb art). This is Neon Pink acrylic mixed with dark pink glitter.  New Acrylic set. 

Another coworker of Nathans Suzanne I did a gel set on her same as Deb mentioned above with white french tips.  

This is my neighbour Sylive, she closed her eyes and let me play, this is a gel set with gelish french and accent nail design using Konad stamping technique. This was done back in December. 

This is Suzanne again, Gelish this time with a funky glittery accent nail.  Going away on a trip to florida so playing it up a bit. 

This is my left hand, I was practicing before Deb and Suzannes appts with my new tips and gel.  I did the ring finger using my Gelish. 

Okay I think I'm all caught up for now......

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